About Sandrine, your French tutor

Sandrine, your native French tutor

Sandrine, your native French tutor

Sandrine is a native French, born in Pau, a little town with a big historical background, located in the Aquitaine region, South-West of France.

She moved to Australia, 20 years ago and established herself in Sydney.

During her University studies (Law studies), Sandrine became a group leader for French students visiting Ireland and England.

Sandrine’s background lead to a genuine ability to teach her native language here in Australia.

Using her personal experience learning a foreign language and using her “people” skill mixed with her ” je ne sais quoi”, she managed to find the new method to adapt each French lesson to each learner ( from group to individual, students, and even online via Skype).

Her lessons are made easy, fun, mostly enjoyable. Sandrine will work towards making you achieve your personal goals.

Her latest HCS students has achieved great result with a final mark of 95%. Students with comprehension issues, have improved by 50% and gain confidence.

More on Sandrine’s french tutoring and Frenchblabla sessions, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you part our our Rendez-vous en Francais circle.


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