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I am based in Avalon – My classes are provided in my tropical backyard, my french studio. Depending on the weather, we either will do our class outside or in the studio.

Easy going, flexible times, affordable.

Ready to start, choose your own class now! email me to to book your next lesson

Choose the class that suits you:

Lessons are priced as a pack of 8 lessons minimum – But if you choose to leave earlier, we will refund you to the pro-rata of the lessons actually done on a full rate basis.

Type of lesson we are offering:

Individual tutoring= One on one

The one on one can suits any couple wanting to take lessons privately together. 30% discount applies on the second student fee.

[ 60 minutes ]

* For Student ( HSC and uni)

We will go through specific topics and grammar issues you may need to improve + allow you to practice your french via conversation + correcting pronunciation and acquire confidence. Follow your HSC curriculum and give your the right tools to obtain an excellent mark.

Cost per Student: $285 for a block of 8 lessons

$40 pay as you go – no limit in number of lessons

* For Adult

Cost per person: $345 for a block of 8 lessons

$50 pay as you go – no limit in number of lessons

[ 90 minutes ]

Cost per person: $525 for a block of 8 lessons

$75 pay as you go – no limit in number of lessons

Be part of a group

Minimum of 3 people- up to 5 maximum per class.

  • You would like to join a class
  • You and your friend/ partner would like to start a class
  • Married couple get a 20% discount

Group is a great way to interact with other students/people. Maximum of person in a group is 5.

[ 60 minutes ]

Cost per person: $245 for a block of 8 lessons

    $35 pay as you go – no limit in number of lessons

– 90 minutes’ class

Cost per person: $315 for a block of 8 lessons

     $45 pay as you go – no limit in number of lessons



Need to practice your french before going to France? or simply need not to loose it! This will be the perfect class for you. All welcome. Minimum of 3 person.

The Frenchblabla classes are split into groups: Beginners,  advance and intermediate students. All in search to perfect their french in a friendly, colloquial environment and yet directed by me to make sure you will learn and improve your french!

We will focus on improving your pronunciation and elocution, and allow you to practice speaking french by interacting with others and myself. We will have interactive and stimulating conversations.

Cost is $20 per person for 1 hour class ( minimum of 6 people)


Contact me to get a quote.

  • Hosted class have an additional commuting fee of $2 per km.( added per class)
  • note: i would travel on the norther beaches area – up to the city – and Ryde, st Ives area.


From the comfort of our home, keep learning without the traveling!

Booking of 8 lessons in advance – $30 for 45min – one on one ( total of $240 for 8 skype lessons)


French language is part of your curriculum and you need to get better grade. I can help you get there. I was a student once, and getting any assistance is something i would have liked at the time. Students are overloaded with work and sometimes organization is not up to scratch!

Getting the homework done and overlooked to get a better grade, why not? Get a head start, and relief. Contact me and get the work done with understanding ( i am not just helping you but you will get it!)

ie: to go over essay, correct spelling, add sentences , explanation of grammatical points, plus exercise and vocabulary

Book one month subscription $60 = unlimited access to online homework assistance in the french language


Time to take the marketing team on a trip to France? or New Caledonia?

Contact us to get a quote. We work an hourly rate of $95 per hour + travel time ( minimum of 3 hours booked plus travel time)


Need someone to assist you in informal to translation of a contract, conversation, books, essay, going over a translation, etc..

Your objective to get an overall better understanding.

Contact us to get a quote. We work on a 0.10c per words or an hourly rate of $45 per hour


We will refund your package deal shall you decide it is not for you any longer or if you are not satisfied. Refund will be done to the pro-rata of the lesson you have not completed.

If you can’t make it to a lesson, it will be postponed to another day or the following week. Make up class can be also done on skype.

If you forget! it can happen ! don’t worry, we will re-schedule and you will not loose your time slot and your financial commitment.

My mission: Providing a lesson not only to learn the french language but to give you the confidence to speak .

You will improve your comprehension, understanding and pronunciation.

Location: Avalon Beach or we come to you ( contact us using the form below)

My classes are provided in my tropical backyard ( depending on the weather) or in my french atelier.

What to expect?

Easy going, flexible times. No locked in contract or terms – if you choose a block of 8 lessons. You have 3 months to use the your pre-booked 8 lessons.

Your type of lessons

I adapt my lessons to your level.

• Beginner:
You are a beginner if you don’t have any basic in the french language and need to start from scratch.
You will learn simple steps to help you make sentences and be able to understand the basics of everyday life.

• Intermediate to Advance:You are intermediate if you have learn French at school and can make sentences. Any sentences with a pronoun, verb and adjective / complement. You might fail in your grammar and lack of vocabulary.

• Advance / Conversation:
You will improve your fluency, grammar, expand your vocabulary and knowledge.

• Students:
You are learning French at school and need tuition to help you with your assignment, home-works, assessment or upcoming HSC.
We will follow your school requirements and expand from it so you also learn more  and practice what you’ve learn.

You will be able to access for FREE from our range of french dvd, books, magasine ( match, fashion Elle, Gracia..all in French) + learning material…

Wait no more, give it a go! If not satisfied, your money back guaranty!

Contact Sandrine on


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