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Sandrine, your native French tutor

Sandrine, your native French tutor

Rendez-vous en Français is a place for me to communicate and share my native language with all French enthusiasts.

I will teach you how to improve your learning of the French language.

You can be a student needing a “quick hand” before an exam, or someone who is about to go to France, or you simply want to learn the so-called “most romantic” language in the world !

As a French native now living in Australia, I know what it takes to learn another language.

Did you know that 60% of the English vocabulary comes from French?* ie Rendez-vous = rendezvous = to gather, come together.
So with a pinch of motivation and an open mind, you can start speaking in French.

There are a variety of methods to learn from. Which one to pick? Will you learn something?

The way I have structured my lessons is above all to adapt each class to you. It could be a private lesson or a group lesson.

My objective is to tailor each level to help you improve your “French”.

There is no bad accent or poor speaking… I’ll guide you and give you the tools to allow you to entertain a conversation in French.

Learning French will also be an experience, a way to explore various aspects of France, discovering another culture (art, music, cuisine), while having fun!

I am offering a cosy, easygoing environment and a flexible timetable. Why don’t you come and join me today!

A très bientôt…


If you wish to contact me for a tuition, please email me on sandrine@rendezvousenfrancais.com

2 thoughts on “Learn French

  1. My daughter Rachel will be returning this Saturday (24th January 2015) from a 5 month exchange to France. She is 15 years old and I remember was in the same class as your son Tristan in Year 5 with Mrs Campey at Avalon Public School.
    Rachel has only done one year of French in Year 8 at Barrenjoey High School and will not be doing it as an HSC subject however she would like to keep developing her French conversation skills as she has really enjoyed her time in France, made many good friends and would like to return in the future.
    Would she be able to come to you on a weekday after school for her to keep building her French skills.
    If so what days would be possible and how much would it cost?
    I look forward to hearing from you and hope all is well,

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