Retour en France – le depart

Le grand depart

Quand on rentre en France, c’est pas un simple voyage, c’est un grand voyage. [when we return to France, it is not a simple trip, it is a big trip]

Grand, par sa duree ( 30 heures d’avion, lorsqu’on habite dans le Sud). [ Big, due to its length – around 30 hours flight when you live down South]

Grand, par la concentration des activites et des rendezvous en peu de temps. [ Big, due to the amount of activities and rendezvous grouped in a short period of time]

Grand, par l’anticipation de re-decouvrir, de visiter et la joie de revoir sa famille et amis. [ Big, due to the the anticipation ( existment) to re-discover, visit and the joy to see family and friends]

Mon passeport est a jour [ my passport is up to date] Mes valises sont bouclees [ my suitcases are locked]

Nous voyagerons au coeur de l’Aquitaine et passeront aussi a Paris. [ we will travel around the Aquitaine region, and will spend time in Paris ]

Donc c’est parti! [ so, let’s go]

Stay tuned!


Grand Sud-Ouest







Learning french { tips and tricks}

All words in french and english ending in “ion” are the same in spelling. The pronunciation in french is: “ee-on” ie: anticipation ‘an tee see pa see-on’ – concentration ‘ con sen tra see-on’

Le mot grand: the meaning varied depending on the sentence. Grand as “grandiose” ( immense, in the intensity of what the object / subject represents), grand in height, grand as vast. Not to be used as big ( big is large, thick)

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